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Multi-Utility Services

In the past, developers have needed to liaise with a number of different utilities companies, local planners, and councils to get multi-utility services installed to their sites – a process which is often very time consuming, overly complicated, and can be very expensive.

However, with the option of multi-utility solutions, this is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Developers are turning to this more streamlined, more efficient, and less costly way of installing new utilities onto their sites.

Ultimately we believe that Multi-Utility offers our customer’s a real benefit in both the economics of the works, and the programme and progress of works on site. By utilising our multi-accredited teams we are able to offer a highly efficient service whereby we use the same excavations for the different utilities installations.

This reduces the cost of the work and the time that we are on site, but importantly it has the advantage that you only have to deal with one company……us!!

Let TIG Solutions be your single point of contact!!

This allows you to spend more time running your business. You can rely on our skills and experience, and feel secure in the knowledge that we will make every effort to meet all of your deadlines within your budget.

Get rid of the hassle and disruption of repeated trench opening; let us ensure that all utilities are simply laid once, in a single trench…

“He who gains time, gains everything”      –  Benjamin Disraeli

The information we need from you is the same as it would be if we were just installing gas or water.

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multi-utility services